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Founded in 1982

The History Of Skydive DeLand

We have a rich and diverse history. Skydive DeLand was founded in 1982, but the DeLand Municipal airport has been home to continuous skydiving operations since 1959. 

collage of people skydiving at Skydive DeLand and skydiving facilities

located in the skydiving capital

Over the years, Skydive DeLand has been home to countless legendary National and World Champions and record holders. We established a unique environment to support the advancement of training for beginners and competitors. In doing so, DeLand became the center for serious competitive teams, a number of which became world champions, and a popular host DZ for numerous State, National, and World Record setting formation skydives, beginning with the first 72-person formation in 1983. 

Our normal everyday activities include introducing newcomers to the sport through the Tandem and AFF programs and serving our local and traveling fun jumpers and coaches. We also host and support a variety of events and training programs such as Fly4Life warm up camps and FlightCamps, canopy courses through Flight-1 and Alter Ego, personal coaching through Tribu, wingsuit rentals and coaching through Arcus Flight, and multiple-plane high-altitude formation skydiving events. 

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