Skydiving Prices

Skydiving Prices

Skydiving Prices & Discounts

Whether you’re a first-time tandem skydiver or a visiting fun jumper, we look forward to welcoming you to Skydive DeLand for the experience of a lifetime! View our skydiving prices and discounts below and book your skydiving adventure near Orlando today! If you have any questions about booking your skydiving experience, please get in touch with a member of our team (386) 738-3539.

*All our advertised prices reflect a 5% cash and debit discount. Visa and Mastercard payments do not qualify for the cash discount. We do not accept American Express.

Tandem Skydiving Prices

Tandem Skydive Prices

Number of Jumpers Price
1 - 3 People $219 each
4 - 6 People $195 each
7 or More People $185 each
Stetson, UCF, ERAU, UF students - With Valid ID
Call to Reserve
$170 each

Capture your experience on film!

Option Price
Video and Stills Package $90

Sunrise Tandem Special

Sunrise Tandem Special Price
Sunrise Tandem - Watch the sun rise twice, once from altitude and again when you land!
Call to check availability
$309 each
Sunrise Tandem with Video & Stills Package - Include a Video & Stills package to your sunrise tandem
Call to check availability
$419 each

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Accelerated Freefall Pricing

Learn to Skydive

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Price
First Jump Course & Level 1 Skydive $369
Levels 2 & 3 * $214/per jump
Levels 4 to 7 ** $182/per jump
7 Jump Special - Pre-Paid Package $1,350
Stetson, UCF, ERAU, UF students - (with valid ID)
FJC & L1 - $260 | L2-7 - $170 ea. | 7 Jump Special - $1,210
25 Jump A-License Package - Pre-Paid Package
7 AFF jumps, 3 coached jumps, 14 solos up to 13,500', 1 hop&pop to 5,000'

*Two instructors jump with the student during Levels 1-3.

**One instructor jumps with the student during Levels 4-7.

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Experienced Skydiver Pricing

Experienced Jumpers

Slots & Equipment Rental Price
13,500 ft. / 4100 m $29
5,000 ft. / 1500 m $23
Rig Rental - 1 Jump $37
Rig Rental - All Day $74
Altimeter Rental $5
50 Jump Pre-Paid Package - 1 month time limit to complete package
Receive a $116 credit after completion ($29 to full-altitude)
100 Jump Pre-Paid Package - No time limit to complete package
Receive a $232 credit after completion ($29 to full-altitude)

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COVID-19 Status - OPEN

Skydive DeLand is OPEN!

We have put extra safety precautions in place; Some of those measures are as follows:

All jumpers are required to wear a mask to board our aircraft and limited capacity loads are available upon request.

Signage is posted limiting the number of people allowed in enclosed spaces at one time. Surfaces will be sanitized throughout the day and a commercial cleaner will be used to disinfect all surfaces and carpets each evening.

Do not visit our location if you are ill or if you have been exposed to anyone who is ill unless you have been cleared by a medical professional.

Follow our social media accounts @Skydive DeLand for more information and updates.
Blue skies,
The Crew at Skydive DeLand