Learning to Skydive FAQs

Learn To Skydive FAQs

What is the USPA?
Please visit and click on About USPA. Skydive DeLand is a USPA member.
What does it cost to jump after I complete the AFF course?

After you complete the AFF course, you will be cleared to make solo skydives. Solo skydives from 13,500 feet are $24.00 each and skydives from 5,000 feet are $18.00 each. You may rent gear for the day for $74.00 or by the jump for $37.00. Pack jobs are $7.00 each. We have instructors available daily to help you meet the requirements for the United States Parachute Association ( USPA) skydiving license.

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

No, Skydive DeLand will provide all the equipment and instruction for the AFF course.

I am not from the US nor am I from Florida, will I be able to jump at my local dropzone when I return home?

Yes, the AFF course offered at Skydive DeLand is recognized worldwide. You will return home with a signed log book and video of your student skydives. However, most dropzones should require you to make a check out skydive before further advancement.

What are the weather concerns for the AFF course?

Skydiving is very weather dependent and there are higher weather restrictions for AFF students for the upper winds, ground winds and the clouds. Skydive DeLand will not take up AFF students in weather that will compromise safety. There may be weather delays.

How long will it take me to finish the AFF course?

How long it will take you to complete the AFF course is up to you and the weather. All training is personalized and everyone learns at a different pace. The weather is a large factor too. Some people are able to complete the course in three to five days, others take longer. You can also spread the course out over periods of months. If you plan on taking the course on one trip to beautiful Florida, allow yourself at least seven to ten days to allow for bad weather and the opportunity to make some solo skydives after you complete the AFF course.

How do I book the AFF course?

The AFF course begins with a four to six hour ground school that starts at 8:00 A.M. Reservations must be made in advance by calling us at 386 738 3539.

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