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Skydive DeLand has been celebrating excellence in the sport of skydiving since 1982 and we strive for nothing less when it comes to your experience. We love sharing the skies with new and experienced jumpers and we hope it shows. We value any and all feedback, check out the reviews our customers are leaving or write one of your own!

Heather P. – Facebook

Omgosh!!! I jumped yesterday for the first time tandem with Rodrigo as my instructor- what an amazing experience! I had such an excellent time!
All of the staff I came in contact with, from the ladies who checked me in to my photographer and tandem instructor. I recommend getting the video package, you get a video and pictures. It was such an intense moment it’s awesome to be able to see what you really did!!

Siuleym Y. – Facebook

Great Location! The staff was amazing. It feels like you are family when you are there. Everyone had a smile on their faces and very informative

Jim W. – Facebook

Second time there. Even better than the first. Very professional operation!

Shaun G. – Facebook

Amazing experience from start to finish! Instructors ensured I was relaxed, comfortable, and mostly enjoyed the experience with a big smile! Highly recommended!

Meryl L. – Facebook

The tandem jumpers/instructors were friendly and supportive. The camera guys and video editors did a great job. Wonderful experience!!

Patti G. – Facebook

OMG what an awesome place!!! First timer & loved the whole experience. Our Tandem Instructors Nick Davis & Fraser were amazing, fun & professional. Can't thank them enough for making this so memorable. And a huge shout out to Ryan for the video & pics that were above & beyond what we expected.

Michaela K. – Facebook

Amazing experience with Luis Lopez Mendez and Fraser Feltner. Thank you for the smooth ride!

Emma K. – Facebook

I did my first tandem skydive today and it was awesome! Trevor always made sure I felt safe and comfortable. The videos and photos are phenomenally done, so I 100% recommend adding on that package for your first time. I’ll be back for more!

Anne M. – Facebook

Huge shout out to Skydive Deland! Thank you so much for making my son's 18 bday/first jump and my daughter's first jump such a great/memorable experience yesterday!! Very fun,professional,awesome crew!

Patricia D. – Facebook

My son’s AFF instructor was great. Really took the time to work with and encourage him. His jump was successful and makes me want to jump again 25 years after my first jump.

Paul C. – Facebook

Tandem Instructor Course- Passed all eval jumps today. 7 of 10 total jumps completed to be able to jump non-skydivers. Thorough, challenging and fun. Highly recommend Pablito Perazzoli as a Tandem Examiner.

Mansi T. – TripAdvisor

Extremely Professional and organized place! It was my first time skydiving... Obviously scared and nervous, especially when they show you a video, before you dive, about the possibilities that could go wrong and that you could die. But as you get closer to the time to dive, the staff here, especially your tandem, becomes your best friend and he makes sure that your life is in safe hands. One of the best experience to have in life.

Richard V. – TripAdvisor

The happiest days of my life! Well, if you are thinking about skydiving this is the place, if you are a current jumper you should know that this DZ is top notch... Everything you have ever dream in your skydiving dreams happens here.

Jessiekj – TripAdvisor

Loved it, as expected! Brought my husband and he loved it. We got the video and pictures too. I was very scared but I let my instructor know, so he made me feel better.

FoodloverfromMS – TripAdvisor

There were four of us that skydived. Everyone was extremely nice. We watched a short instructional video and went in to suit up. My tandem diver was very nice and informative. We all had a blast. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in skydiving.

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