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OUR AFF Training Method

Skydive DeLand offers the most effective and efficient way to learn how to skydive, the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) training method. This program has seven levels of progression and is designed to provide you with personalized instruction allowing you to advance at your own pace as you satisfy the training objectives.

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How To Get Started

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What to expect

As you advance through the program, two instructors accompany you through level 3. Then one instructor will jump with you until you graduate. After you have completed the program, you will be cleared to jump without an instructor! The AFF training program includes ground school, pre-jump training, the lessons needed to graduate, and all the required equipment.

Important Information:

  • Reservations are recommended
  • Wear comfortable clothing, tennis shoes are required
  • Leave valuables at home

AFF Skydiving Requirements:

  • Must be between 18 & 60 years old
  • Must weigh less than 220 lbs
  • Must show a valid photo ID
  • No drugs or alcohol before jumping

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My son’s AFF instructor was great. Really took the time to work with and encourage him. His jump was successful and makes me want to jump again 25 years after my first jump.
Patricia D. – Facebook

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COVID-19 Status - OPEN

Skydive DeLand is OPEN!

We have put extra safety precautions in place; Some of those measures are as follows:

All jumpers are required to wear a mask to board our aircraft and limited capacity loads are available upon request.

Signage is posted limiting the number of people allowed in enclosed spaces at one time. Surfaces will be sanitized throughout the day and a commercial cleaner will be used to disinfect all surfaces and carpets each evening.

Do not visit our location if you are ill or if you have been exposed to anyone who is ill unless you have been cleared by a medical professional.

Follow our social media accounts @Skydive DeLand for more information and updates.
Blue skies,
The Crew at Skydive DeLand