Orientation Summary

Experienced Jumpers

Orientation Summary For Fun Jumpers

When you arrive at Skydive DeLand for the first time (or if you would like a refresher) you will be given an in-depth orientation to help you become familiar with our DZ before you make your first jump with us. Below are a few bits of safety information to get you started!

Aircraft Boarding

fun jumpers in colorful jumpsuits exit from the SkyVan at Skydive DeLand


  • Follow the pilot’s instruction
  • Open the door on the red light
  • Check for clear airspace and spot
  • Exit only on the green light
  • Maintain adequate separation between groups
  • It is your responsibility to stay clear of clouds


  •  Maintain altitude awareness
  • Break-off as planned
  • Track as needed to assure safe separation for opening
  • Open at the appropriate altitude
fun jumper makes landing from skydive at Skydive DeLand


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Our Current COVID-19 Status

As of sunset on Saturday, March 21, 2020, Skydive DeLand will be closed until further notice. Please check back here or on our social media accounts for updates.


Blue skies,
The Crew at Skydive DeLand