Orientation Summary

Experienced Jumpers

Orientation Summary For Fun Jumpers

When you arrive at Skydive DeLand for the first time (or if you would like a refresher) you will be given an in-depth orientation to help you become familiar with our DZ before you make your first jump with us. Below are a few bits of safety information to get you started!

Aircraft Boarding

fun jumpers in colorful jumpsuits exit from the SkyVan at Skydive DeLand


  • Follow the pilot’s instruction
  • Open the door on the red light
  • Check for clear airspace and spot
  • Exit only on the green light
  • Maintain adequate separation between groups
  • It is your responsibility to stay clear of clouds


  •  Maintain altitude awareness
  • Break-off as planned
  • Track as needed to assure safe separation for opening
  • Open at the appropriate altitude
fun jumper makes landing from skydive at Skydive DeLand


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